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50 Male Hairstyles Revamped 

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Don’t blame me Mashima’s drawing of Gray in that samurai outfit has gave me a lot of ideas for a Samuai AU, and that last one-shot about samurais too was fantastic ( ˘ ³˘)❤ dont ask why she doesn’t have eyes



Please someone make a fanfic in the 20s so i can get obsessed and draw about it

This is a really good fanfiction by Miss Mungoe, mainly focusing on gajevy. It’s also complete.

If you wish to know a little bit about the characters before you start, please watch this.

I really do recommend this one :)

I have already read this one, it’s extremelly fantastic. But since there’s so much art already done, and all the things I wanted to draw are in that video I was searching a new one. But thank you!! READ IT GUYS

Please someone make a fanfic in the 20s so i can get obsessed and draw about it



So I’ve been collecting drawing references for myself and decided I’d do a master post.

If you see anything that needs fixing or have any refs you want to add, please feel free to edit those things in! :) I thought It would be a cool idea because the more it circulates the longer and more…

The firsts requests that i recieved yesterday. Sorry guys if it is not what you expected ((´д`)) The sweet one was requested by maneaoana and the second with the umbrella by celesjeager.

I have two requests left, but i’m doing a big dou with one of them and the other i’ll doing during this week. Please be patience. Hope you like it and thanks for your ideas!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

For those who haven’t cried enough. Love this two, and I had a little break before getting to homework again so I took advantage of it. Hope you like it! pls don’t hate me

blog-of-destruction said:
I think you are is so pretty and cute


THANK YOUU!! I have still to improve a lot but getting this kind of messages make me wanna draw even more.

The next thing i’m gonna upload is a freexfairytail cossover i’m working at kukukuku


Listening to this song, the Dragons!Arc came to my mind. Rough sketches, and feeling so lazy for a formal colour. Some images are based on the manga. Anybody who cant to continue it can *sobs in the distance*



how the fuck do legs work i don’t




i have a few feet ones too