Anonymous said:
Could I please make a Laxus x Cana request? :3 In case you feel comfortable with Laxana of course.

I’m sorry anon, since i do not ship them, i don’t feel confortable drawing them. I did used to ship them, but since Bacchus appeared my heart belongs to Bacchana. Anyway maybe someone i’ll draw them a bit. 

literally every artist: please tell me what you liked about my art in the tags please please P L E A S E

My BrOTP and my OTP in chibis, what’s better? Practise of backgrounds and finishing old things because in nearly a week i start school and i’m not gonna be able to draw so much

My contribution to the Natsu&Gajeel!END thing. It started cause I wanted to draw Natsu but…upss my hand slipped.

Poor Gray is the only that can defeat them if that theory is correct, and I wanted to show that putting the black and white backgrounds and with the pulse seeing that Gajeel and Natsu don’t have so much since they are not humans anymore.


Ughhh tumblr makes my drawing looks uglier. Anyway, here is the work of the last wip i showed you guys. I came up with this listening to this.

In the end i’m not doing the Gajevy one cause it’s so much work for me, and Gajeel is one of my weak points. Hope you like it!! hope we get a reunion soon


girls in coats

A WIP that i’m doing right now kukuku I’ll do a Gajevy one too, and I’ll post them toguether, cause why no? my OTPs are beautiful

dominantorange said:
Your art is sooooo amazing!!! I find myself shipping Gajevy more and more because of you <3 (I ship the Big 6). Anyway, being a professional artist that you are, since there are many bluenettes in FT (Levy, Juvia, Wendy, Jellal, Bickslow, etc.), can you arrange them from lightest to darkest? It bothers me that I don't know how light or dark their hair is. XD


Hmmm… Something like this…?

When I saw blamedorange is following me, this was my reaction

Anonymous said:
About the new artists in the fandom, i have seen a few more than you: joair, anelebee and ssellenne. OUR FANDOM IS GETTING BIGGER!!!


OHH NICE!!! ;w; Go follow them too, guys!

Fairy tail’s fandom’s favourite orange now follows a bee